Don’t Wait

The Fool (Written July 1, 2014)

Restless, in that house she waited,
Anxious, in that house she pines,
Troubled, in that house she searches
For something she never finds.

‘Cause she wanted something bigger,
Much more than the life she sees,
But she doesn’t know how to get to that
So when she thinks of it she’ll freeze.

But at least she dreams of better things,
And least she has hopes for what comes next,
So she does her best as she’s waiting
And looks forward to all the rest.

‘Cause surely something will happen soon,
Surely adventure will come to her,
She’s ready and waiting for the change to arrive
And for the change in her to be stirred.

So she sat alone in that empty home
And waited for change that would never come,
‘Cause she’d hoped for someone to change her life
Now she wonders when she got so dumb.


This is what I am reminding myself of right now. Don’t wait for life to change to your liking, change it yourself. You’ll never find adventure if you wait for adventure to find you. To quote Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” (<– Not quite the same thing, actually, but I believe it makes sense in this context also.) If you wait for life to find you then you’ll be just like the girl in the poem, sitting in an empty home, too late, wondering why you thought it would come to you. Find it yourself before it passes you by.


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