What A Day…

Just Great (Written July 4, 2014)

Oh isn’t it great, oh isn’t it grand,
When all of the world is just out of your hand?
And isn’t it crazy how it gets away
When you were too lazy to ask it to stay?


So, this was officially the worst 4th of July ever. Up to date, anyway. It rained for more than half the day. The usual volleyball that we play all afternoon was marred by two of the crankiest people ever, whining through, literally, four hours of games about how nobody has proper setting form. Well, that, and we couldn’t even get a good enough game going to shut them up because we had to let several people play who had neither interest in the game nor any sort of ability to play it. But, whatever. So far as my family parties go, that isn’t totally unexpected. So we started setting off all of our fireworks. We bought a ton, and it was pretty enjoyable. Then we got a call from a friend who lives right by the park where we were heading next for the big firework show, telling us that they decided to start the show a full hour earlier than announced. I live way out in the country where everybody going to this show either lives right beside the park or twenty-something minutes away. So we completely missed the show. Attempting to salvage the evening, we started up a fire in the backyard and sat around singing and roasting marshmallows. Which was fine until the subject of school plays vs school concerts came up and we decided to emphasize, yet again, how willing we are to allow the completely incompetent idiot who runs the plays do whatever the heck he wants.

All in all, this day was sort of awful, especially when it was supposed to be a big party. *sigh* So, yeah, I’m irritated and going to bed now.

Happy 4th of July. Hope yours was better than mine.


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