Growing Up

To Grow (Written July 15, 2014)

I’m looking back at my childhood,
At treasured times that were so good,
The times that are now gone,
Times for which I sometimes long.

But I’m not a child anymore,
So I can’t be like I was before.
I have work to do and people to see,
And people I have to pretend to be.

And when nobody looks I’ll try and look back
And take a peak at that beaten track
The track I’ve walked too quickly down-
But I can’t be caught looking so I’ll turn around.

But sometimes, when I’m all alone,
When I think of the memories in this home,
I wonder if I even know
What it really means to grow.


*sigh* I sometimes wonder if I, or most people, really know what it means to “grow up”. Does is mean scorning everything you did as a child as being “foolish” and “juvenile”? Does it mean being embarrassed by it? Acting like it never happened? Certainly, you can’t try and pretend like you still are a kid for all your life. What with having to be responsible for yourself and whatnot, a lot of the things you did as a child become impossible just because you don’t have time. And, well, I think we lose a lot of the magic we had as kids because “reality” distracts up. But I don’t think that is what it means to grow up. I think that happens when people don’t know how to grow up. I think growing up should, whatever else it entails, include treasuring your childhood for what it was, and remembering the really important things you learned when you were playing make believe in the backyard. But, *shrug* what do I know?

(Thank you E. J. Patten for being awesome. Read this, it is brilliant.)

Ridiculously, I started thinking about this when I was reminded of RuneScape. I used to play RS a lot. I was one of those people who started playing way back before it was “cool” and despises it now that it has “caught up with the times”. Thinking about that, silly enough, I started thinking about growing up. ‘Cause RuneScape was a huge part of my childhood. =/ I really do miss it, even if I wouldn’t really play it much anymore, either way.


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