Nostalgia Speaks

Twilight Avenues (Written July 20, 2014)

I find myself, most of the time,
Writing about what is past.
Remembering dreams I used to have,
And the times I wished would last.

And sometimes I feel like I dwell a bit much,
Like perhaps I look too much back,
Like, maybe, perhaps, I should look to the front
Instead of listing all that I lack.

But then I stop and think to myself,
Yes, I look to the past a lot,
But then I remember that the present and future
Were a gift from the past that I’ve got.

So I’ll walk down twilight avenues,
Though not looking past what I’ll someday get,
I’ll pick apart carefully all that has passed-
Yes, this past I will not forget.


Yep. That actually said most of what I wanted to say. Just remember that the past you look back at is just the footprint of the present. If you forget that then the past you are looking at will cease to be one you want to see. Treasure your past and use your present to make a beautiful past to look back at.


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