A Connoisseur of Creativity

Wondering Why (Written August 6, 2014)

Sometimes I stop and wonder why
I like to dream of what could be,
And make that dream reality,
A something I can see.

I wonder why I like it,
All these things I do and say,
The art and music and acting,
And doing them different ways.

I could never answer that question well-
How could I answer completely?-
But I think that I’ve found an answer I like,
I just love the creativity.


You know, a while back I was watching this video of Vic Mignogna at a panel he did at some comic book convention or another. For those of you who don’t know, Vic Mignogna is a voice actor. He voiced Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist, among a number of other big anime voice acting rolls. Somebody asked him, at this panel, why he started voice acting and I really liked his answer. Basically he said he did it because he liked being creative, so when the opportunity opened up in front of him to do so, he did it. The more I think about it, the more I think that his answer was a fantastic one. He was looking for a chance to be creative. How many times have you been stuck trying to explain to somebody why you like making poetry, or music, or art? Trying to explain to somebody who doesn’t like acting, why you do? I have been put in that situation plenty of times, and I wish I had ever thought to give that answer. I just like being creative. I like seeing all the different ways I can be creative. I like being creative, and I like seeing creativity. There are plenty of other reasons I enjoy different things- I like acting because I enjoy trying to make and live in a character that isn’t me and I get to create the way I will play that character, but I also like it because I really enjoy entertaining others. It is part curiosity, I suppose, an eagerness to see what else can be done, how much farther you can take something, what reactions you will get.

Well, seeing as I can’t really think of how to conclude this thought- as I said, how can you sum this particular thought up completely?- I’ll just end by wishing you all well. I hope you enjoy being creative. If you don’t, you should try it, and maybe you’ll find that you’ll come to. If you already do, I hope you always will. Don’t lose the magic.


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