Among The Dark

Empty Halls (Written February 23, 2014)

A quiet building, a building dark,
With no hint of life at all,
I feel as if I’m all that’s left
As I walk down these empty halls.

Then shadows seem to come alive
And creep along the walls,
Dogging every step I take
As I walk alleged empty halls.

The sounds of footsteps echos behind,
And noises large and small-
Everything seems to come alive
In these long since empty halls.


You can take that poem as being creepy or not. I can’t decided which it is meant to be or recall what it first was.

You can take it as creep. You’re walking through an old building that has been abandoned, the only living thing around. But then, just when you think you are alone everything seems to come alive. The shadows are moving, you’re hearing things that shouldn’t be there, and something is following you as you’re walking through what are supposed to  empty halls. Everything is alive, and it is all following you through the long since empty halls.


Or you can take it as being sort of fanciful. You are walking through empty, abandoned halls, feeling like you are all alone. But, even in these halls, these supposedly empty halls, there is life. You feel the walls and shadows come alive around you, even in this building that everybody else calls dead. You hear the echos of your footsteps behind you as they bring you through these halls that are very much alive, even though they have been forsaken for so long. Even in a place that has been forgotten by everybody else, there is still life.

I don’t remember what I was actually thinking when I wrote this, but words are keyholes, so they can have many meaning, regardless of what the writer intended or what others think. Remember that. Words are merely keyholes.


Ahhh! I just remembered the first poem I posted on this blog. It is an excellent commentary on what I just said, and you should go read it. Really, you should. Just click here.

Also, this just made me think of the Starkid production Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier. Which, by the way, was excellent (though, it took a bit of bleeping to get through). The song called Twisted in this play is what this whole post makes me think of. You should go watch the clip of that song, if not the whole play. The music is absolutely excellent, even outside of the awesome play.

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