An Unending Fight

Taming the Beast  (Written November 7, 2013)

We are all born heroes,
And born cowards, and born beasts,
And we are all born sinners,
Though we strive for good, at least.

Bu we cannot lose to our darker sides,
We cannot let the coward win,
We mustn’t fall to our low desires,
We must tame the beast within.

For if we don’t we’ll someday fall,
To a mire from which we won’t ever break free.
So try always to be the best you can-
The hero you were born to be.


I was reading the forth Tapestry book by Henry H. Neff the other day and was, like I always am, struck by this one line about how nobody is born good, but hat they have to fight to be so. And, while I think it is a very good line, I would like to make a distinction: nobody is born good, but everybody is born with the potential for it. Unfortunately, we’re also all born with an inclination towards the opposite. The struggle of good and evil has been the topic of literature and philosophers from time immemorial and, as you’ve probably heard a million times before, it is a struggle just as interior as it is exterior, maybe even more so.

Was this thought brought to mind by the fact that there is a new Star Wars movie in the making? Maybe. >.> Actually, it wasn’t, it was brought up while I was reading Wings of Fire by Charles Todd, but it did get me thinking bout Star Wars.


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