Melancholy (Written June 2013)

Melancholy, melancholy,
What has the world come to?
When we are bored or we’re alone
Melancholy is what we do.


So, here I was sitting around after graduation thinking about how I probably would fall out of contact with all the friends I’m leaving behind, and how I’m gonna have to leave our choir when I leave for college. I was sitting here getting more and more bummed by the second, thinking about how everything was about to change. So, obviously, I wrote a poem. It got me thinking about how, somehow, humans write a lot of sad stuff. And I wonder why. I mean, I really don’t think life is made up of more sad than happy, and I don’t think it just sort of happens that sad people and people with sad lives are naturally better poets. And then I remembered something I wrote a while back.

I wrote this poem called A Forgotten Lost Something while thinking about how I’d changed as I first started growing up, and how I felt like I’d lost something important, but couldn’t remember what. I wrote it while talking to a friend via an IM. He wasn’t responding so I just sort of started writing this poem and then left. He later wrote back commenting that it was a super sad poem. And this was my answer:

Mhm, it is called A Forgotten Lost Something, and I think the story is great one. Great and sad. But that is what life feels like, sometimes. But not always…it is just easier to think about when it feels big and sad, because every other time it keeps you too distracted to think to write about it. So we have stories of tragedy and suffering. We add happy endings to them because the darker and longer the tunnel is, the brighter the prick of light at the end. And the happiest ones are always shadowed by hard work and loss, because the people who have the happiest stories to tell have paid the most to earn them. Such a strange world we live in, don’t you think? But it makes me want to write too. Write about the sad things, and the happy ones…Or something. 

See? So, when we write we write tragedies. (We Write Tragedies…I might have to write a poem for that. That makes an awesome title, no?) I think it makes sense, as much as anything in this life does.

For the record, if that sounded familiar, I posted A Forgotten Lost Something a while back and gave that same quote back then too. 


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