An Invitation (Written August 22, 2014)

Silence is an invitation,
Just like an empty page,
Both void spaces and begging invasion,
And asking wild beasts to be freed from their cage.

Yes, they beg, free the beasts all!
The music and words, thoughts of what could be,
Release them, like the silence begs
And let them all reign free.

The silence seeks a friend of sorts-
A thought, or a dream, or a word-
To join it while it waits alone
And hopes one day to be heard.


I’ve written about blank pages before. I’m willing to bet most artists and poets and musicians and writers have all thought about blank pages before, and how they can seem to call out to you, almost like they are begging for you to add something to them, to create something in the empty space. Silence is an absence of sound. It is a vacuum that seeks to suck towards it anything that might fill the hole- a thought, a sound, a dream. Blank pages are the same, I think. Holes seem to beg to be filled.

But, then again, it is because silence seems to beckon sound that the silence itself is so precious. Silence is rare. Its very existence seems to beg for its destruction. Just by naming its existence it has been destroyed. Maybe it is that fragility that makes silence so beautiful.

Then again, with all the noise that silence calls, it has this irritating tendency to block out thought. Thought is, after all, an inhabitant of the silence.

The more I think about it, the more I would compare silence to the light. The brighter the light is the more shadows it creates- just like the deeper the silence the more it attracts the noise- until it is too bright for any shadows at all- just like, eventually, the silence becomes so deep that it mutes out all the other sounds altogether.

Or something? I’m having a little trouble expressing myself right now. I just got my wisdom teeth out the day before yesterday so I am a little loopy on my Percocet. It is a little difficult to think strait. Why on earth would anybody ever enjoy being so drunk or so high that they can’t think properly? I’m hardly so impaired and it is already freaking me out!


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