A Pleasant Surprise

Hidden Skies (Written September 26, 2014)

Look through me and you will see
That which you did not expect to be
Just under your eyes, such a surprise
That golden framed space ‘neath hidden skies.


You know what one of my first thoughts about the college I’m attending is? They have incredible window views in the weirdest places. For instance, there is this one window in a certain one of the ladies’ rooms that overlooks this tiny little courtyard that, so far as I can tell, you can’t actually get into. It is a gorgeous little courtyard too. I would call it a thought garden. Lots of places to sit, hidden from view, with all sorts of little nooks with statues in them. It is awesome. But you can get a good look at out the window in the ladies’ room. Or this amazing view from the dorm on top of the hill of the grass and trees rolling away into the horizon…that you can see from the ladies’ room on the third floor of the dorm. -.^ Apparently, whoever built this place liked having a nice view from the restroom.


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