To Be Or Not To Be

The Eternally Asked Question of Life (Written October 21, 2014)

Each life is but a single story-
One protagonist, one plot-
And through the different twists and turns
Each life just one story has got.

Every choice and change in a story made
Is but one choice made again-
For there is only ever one choice made
That you’ll be called to remake now and then.

This choice, yes, this eternal choice,
Isn’t to be or not, you see.
It is foolish to ask if you could not exist,
Much better to ask how to be.

There is but one choice made many times,
Not many choices mixed in strife.
How one will be or will not be
Is the eternally asked question of life.


So…yeah, I have no idea why I was thinking about this. Somebody much have said something about “To be or not to be” and all that. I will admit, right now, to my eternal shame, that I am only able to take this quote out of context. I haven’t read Hamlet. Yes, I know, that is kind of shameful… I will remedy this soon. I just know how people use the quote. And, of course, I know how use the quote. I say that life consists of one choice. Just one. You make it over, and over, and over again. It has many faces, and many voices, but it is always the same choice. The choice is to do what is right or to do what is wrong. Will you eat more than you should, or will you eat what is wise to eat? Will you steal money from a bank or won’t you? Will you buy somebody a ridiculously expensive gift or a cheaper one? In whatever context it may appear, these are all the same question. Will you do what is right or what is wrong? How will you be? That is the question. You can’t choose whether or not you exist- you choosing would imply you existing already- but you can choose how you will exist.

How will you be?


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