A Thought To Tell

A Thought To Tell (Written October 22, 2014)

I wish I had a thought to tell.
I wish I had some words to say.
I wish I could do something for you
To give you a better day.

I wish that I could give you something,
I wish I could show my thoughts for you,
I wish I had some way for me to show
How much I love the things you do.

I wish you knew how much I care,
I wish you knew I’m trying hard,
I wish you could see what you mean to me,
And that I could just put it all down in a card.

But words can’t ever be enough,
And all my thoughts could never do,
But I’ll keep searching, on and on,
For the best way to say thanks to you.


Why is it so hard to express your feelings when they are positive? It is so easy to let somebody know, without any doubt in their minds, that you don’t like them. Some people make it really easy to let them know just how much you dislike them. If you hate them, if they annoy you, it they make you mad- these are easy emotions to express. Sorrow isn’t as easy, because it is delicate and beautiful, and horrible, all at the same time.

Bad emotions are easy to express. Look around you for a few seconds. You’ll probably see an awful lot of people go to great lengths to express how miserable they are.But how do you express thanks?

I don’t mean love. Or, at least, not love like so many songs are written about. How are you supposed to let somebody know that you really, truly, honestly, love them- not in any sort of intimate way, but because they are, well, them? I wish I could figure out how to say thanks to those people. They don’t have to feel that way about me- who would?- but I just wish there was some way that I could let them know how much I appreciate them.

This is for them. For those people who you love just for them being them, but can’t find away to tell them that because it isn’t the love you write songs about. It’s the love for friends. It’s for all the good little things in life. Thanks for them. C=


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