The In Between Spaces

Me (Written October 17, 2014)

I like, sometimes, to sit outside,
In empty porches and front steps wide,
Where others might pass, but never will see-
These are the places I love to be.

When the last light leaves, when the first light comes,
To see where it goes, to see where it comes,
These sights people watch, but don’t really see-
It’s under such sights that I love to be.

I like, sometimes, to sit up at night,
On rooftops, or in branches of trees of great height,
Places they know of, but won’t ever see-
It’s in this great freedom that I love to be.

To think of all the world can give,
To see all the lives that I could live,
To fill all the empty places we see-
This is the person that I’d love to be.


You know how there are places that you tend to walk past, all the time, but never really stop to look at or think about? Like front porches. Almost every house has a front porch, and almost nobody is ever on one. Not really. If they are it is only to smoke or to take a phone call. It is an in between place. Like staircases, like hallways. I love in between places. And in between times. More people need to actually sit and watch the sunrises and sunsets. Particularly sunrises. People tend to be “too busy” to do things like watch them, but there is no such thing as too busy to watch a sunrise. There jut isn’t. Try it. Really. And go places where others won’t. Hike mountains. Climb trees. Sit on the roof and watch the stars. The world is full of millions and millions of treasures that most people won’t ever see. Open your eyes and see them. Can you do that? I think you’ll like it. Open your eyes.

Now open them again.


And go read the Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett.

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