That’s What Makes You Beautiful

That’s What Makes You Beautiful (Written October 24, 2014)

Confidence and clarity,
No false pride, or false humility,
No excessive lack of what should be-
That’s what makes you beautiful.

A loving heart that acts caringly,
No fear of the danger when it acts truthfully,
No regret for being what it should be-
That’s what makes you beautiful.

A mind that thinks considerately,
No failure to think of what others might see
No fear, either, to say what you see-
That’s what makes you beautiful.

To know what you are undoubtedly,
To not feel the need for what you won’t be,
And to acts towards others with benignity-
That’s what makes you beautiful.


Ok, so, if you are going to get offended by some soft-spoken criticism of some feminist ideas, I am sorry. Read through though, if you will. You might end up liking what I say.

Some of you may have seen a video lately of a bunch of little girls dressed up as princesses and cussing up a storm. This video, somehow, was supposed to be speaking out for feminists- put another way, it was supposed to be speaking against unequal treatment of women. Do I have a problem with this? Uh, yes, yes I do.

First off: women and men are different. I know that that is something that is getting more and more offensive to say, but it is sort of true. Did you know that a female’s brain actually functions differently than a male’s? Like, if you scan for brain activity while a guy is doing a math problem it will look different than a girl doing the same problem. More immediately obvious, though, is that we are very easily noticeably physically different. Girl’s can do most of the ridiculous physical activities men can- Kacy Catanzaro showed everybody that girls can do some ridiculous physical feats that a lot of men can’t- but there are also a lot of things guys do that girls can’t. And things girls do that guys can’t. Girls won’t ever make it in the NFL. They tried. They failed. Miserably. Guys can’t have kids. Sorry, but it just isn’t possible. We are different.

That shouldn’t freak anybody out. That means that girls will always have an up on guys when it comes to certain jobs. It makes women irreplaceable. It makes women important. 

Second: You are doing women no favors, you are not making men respect us more, by having a bunch of little potty-mouthed princesses. Congrats, you just corrupted a bunch of little girls. You just taught them to cuss whenever they aren’t getting what they want. I don’t know about anybody else, but that is what that video taught me. Pretending you are a man, or can do everything a man can do, or that there is no difference between men and women, will not help. Do you typically, when babysitting and see the kid you’re watching trying to smoke a cigarette, react by treating the kid like an adult just because they are pretending to be one? That strikes me as ridiculous. Last I heard poser was an insult, not a compliment.

You want women to be respected? Act like a woman. I don’t want to be respected for being something I’m not. Yeah, women should be paid the same as men for the same jobs. That sort of thing is a matter of common sense justice. Other than that? I don’t want to be treated like a guy because I’m not a guy. I would rather use what abilities I have, and guys don’t, to gain respect for what I am.

And then there is the idea of being attractive, which is almost as bad. Being skimpily dressed and acting like a skank does not make you more attractive. Wearing as little as possible doesn’t make you more attractive. *shakes head* I’ll get back to this later.


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