How Do You Hear?

The Roar of the Unspoken Words (Written October 30, 2014)

Why must the world try to be so loud?
Why do they make so much empty sound?
How can they act like they haven’t heard
The roar of all the unspoken words?

‘Cause every word in itself lives a million lives,
And inside every thought a million words lie,
And each story is made of a million thoughts-
Plus a million more that were lost or forgot.

And each moment breathes ten more tales than before.
So why do we try to add even more?
How can we speak so carelessly
When each words breeds more stories eternally?

Yes, stories of all possibilities,
And stories of all the couldn’t be’s
Of what is, and isn’t, and what should be,
And what was, and was wished, and was sought to see.

When there are so many lives just inside your head,
So many that most end neglected and dead,
How can we speak without thought, or of boredom complain?
How can we be normal when we should be insane?


You know, every now and again I find myself wondering how people can talk so much about so little. I wonder how everybody can act so normal, when there are a million billion thoughts swirling around in their heads. Is it just me? Do they not hear them? Every word is a story, whole and complete, all in itself- gentle tells an epic spanning hundreds of years, if you check out its etymology. And then you use hundreds of words every day. And, I don’t know if it is true of everybody, but you think even more than you say. Every single thought is telling a big story that is part of any hundreds of possible larger stories, and within each thought are any number of words that are telling all their own different stories, made up of yet more thoughts composed of yet more words. I am sometimes overwhelmed just by realizing that I could be telling hundreds and hundreds of stories if I could just remember all the thoughts in my head- but there are too many so most end up dead. And I do mean dead. Any story is a life, all of its own, and life, in turn, is a story. To quote Patrick Rothfuss:

“It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.”

How can people hear that story when they are always talking? When you make so much empty sound, how do you hear the story you are trying to tell yourself? How can you even make sound over the roar of all the unspoken words in your head?


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