Blown in on an Autumn Breeze (Written November 8, 2014)

All around it starts to show,
The world is in a time of change.
From one season to another we go,
As around us the skies rearrange.

The brilliant colors of the fall
Fade out as the leaves blow away,
And the blue-grey of cold replaces them all
Ever more, with each coming day.

But cold is forgotten, for a while,
As smoke from Fall fires blows through the Winter skies,
And the warmth of holiday homes and smiles
Keeps the cold at bay ’till goodbyes.

But soon the storms will come in strength,
And the world will slowly freeze.
The heart of Winter comes at length,
Blown in on the Autumn breeze.


So I feel rather accomplished right now. I managed to get a poetry contest set up in my college dorm, with the prize being a gift  card to the coffee shop. And, uh, well, as false as it might sound, I’m mostly just excited that everybody is actually attempting to write poetry. Most people don’t. Or, well, maybe not most, but certainly a lot. All entries are going to be posted in the entry hall to the dorm and the residents will vote for the winner, so there will be some of our quiet, poetic minded, residents coming out of their shells. I’m looking forward to it. A lot. The theme, pleasantly open ended, is November- which extends to the holidays, the season of both Fall and Winter, the transition between those two seasons, the school life of that time, etc., etc.. I’m excited, and will probably write a million different poems, none of them similar to the others, before this is over. C=<


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