Sing Sweet Lullaby

Lullaby, Lullaby (Written November 19, 2014)

Sing lullaby, sing lullaby,
Sing soft and low, and sweet and high,
Sing with tender care and love
Sing sweet to call sleep from above.

Sweet sleep, sweet, sweet sleep,
Sweet songs sing that sleep may keep,
Sweet sounds to close the sleeper’s eye-
Sweet lullaby, sweet lullaby.

Softly sing, so softly sing,
Softly bring what soft songs bring,
Softly soothe the sleeper’s cry-
Soft lullaby, soft lullaby.

Sweetly urge, yes, sweetly urge,
Sweetly let the sounds converge,
Sweetly sound night’s passing by-
Sweet lullaby, sweet lullaby.

Sing to bring sleep’s soft embrace,
Sing to ease the sleeper’s face,
Sing soft and low, and sweet and high-
Sing lullaby, sweet lullaby.


There was this story recently cycling around Facebook about this musician singing Blackbird by the Beatles to his dying newborn son, shortly after having lost his wife. It is a sad and beautiful story. And what it made me think about, one of the many things it made me think about, was how important lullabies are. Like bedtime stories, lullabies have a way of defining a childhood. So much of what we are is made up from what we dream, and our dreams are influenced so very much by what we are doing before we sleep. The stories my brothers and parents read to me before bed, the lullabies I would listen to before I slept, these things were humongous in my childhood. This things MADE my childhood.

Read bedtime stories. Sing lullabies, listen to lullabies.


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