Returning to Away

I Will Be Back Again (Written January 7, 2015)

As long as I can think to recall
There was always this thought that would entrall:
I would look out my window and think to myself,
“When will I get to go somewhere else?”

But now that that question has been answered for me
I find it’s been fulfilled in the form of misery.
I never thought or realized
That my dream come true I would despise.

And as that misery sings my doom
As I realize I’m once more leaving, soon,
As my half healed heart threat’s to break once again
I feel it’s crumbling frame work starting to cave in.

But, then, with the gift of an author’s sight,
Through the pages of a dusty book I find a guiding light:
I might be leaving the place I’ve always been
But one day soon, I know, I will be back again.


I just learned that my gosh awful brother is trying to force us to return to gosh awful Kansas a full day and a half early. Because of how late he’s trying to force this change, if he succeeds, I won’t be able to meet up with any of my friends or family before leaving. I can’t believe it. Especially because he wants to do it just because he wants to go to some stupid party. I’m not leaving early and missing the chance to be with my friends and family longer just so he can go to some party.


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