Two Worlds Apart

The Empty Stairs (September10, 2014)

These stairs to the old abandoned floor
Are a bridge from one world to another,
Two worlds that once were so a like
Yet now are so strange to each other.

They echo the voices of years long gone,
Of lives lived here long ago.
But now they are empty of all but the dust
And the tread of tired feet they don’t know.


The dorm I’m staying in while at college is four stories tall, but only three are in use now. The fourth floor hasn’t been renovated yet, so it can’t be used. Right at the start of the school year the dorm head told us that we should go explore the fourth floor- get it out of our systems. So we did. It’s really cool, going from the renovated third floor to the untouched fourth floor. It’s like taking a step into the past.

It might be silly, but sitting on the abandoned stairs to that empty fourth floor made me think of home. I’m a world away from them, really. How different will I be when I go back? What will have changed without me? Will there come a day when I’ll be like that abandoned fourth floor?


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