A Window In The Wall

Words and Wisdom (Written February 10, 2015)

What arrogance! What ignorance!
What cause have you to take such stance?
To say that a story has only one side-
What foolish thought! What thoughtless pride!


So, I’ve said it before (my very first post on this blog, among other posts) but I really think it is totally ridiculous to talk about a story like it means just one thing. I mean, take almost any given word and it can mean a plethora of different things, especially when you put it in a different context or emphasize it differently. What a word is conveying can change depending on who is saying it. So if you mash together a few thousand words what makes you think it will all the sudden equal only one story? Words are merely keyeholes. They show us the tiniest of glimpses of a whole other world. The thing is, keyholes are too small to let you see everything on the other side of the door. If you look in one way you might see a bed, or if you look in a different way you might see the ceiling. Get what I mean? Saying that a story means just one thing is like saying that a keyhole lets you only see one piece of the room behind the door…

Keyholes (Written January 29, 2013)

Forget about the author,
Forget about the name,
Look around the glory,
Look around the fame,

Forget the stated story
And read between the lines,
Past author’s own intentions
Lies treasures there to find.

For words are merely keyholes
And we haven’t got the key,
So staring through beyond the wall
See a million sights to see.


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