An Unfortunate Truth

A Disappointment (Written February 24, 2015)

Look in truth’s face and try to see
That which you try to deny:
That perhaps the people you love the most
Will someday make you cry.

There are people, and stories, and things you like,
There are things that you trust and you love,
And it’s so easy to think them high-
Far higher than the stars above.

They’ve done such good, they’ve brought such joy,
They’re your mentors and family and friends.
They are the rocks on which you have stood
When it feels like all else ends.

So seeing them fall from off their heights,
Watching them sink into dark,
Is a tragedy that’s hard to accept,
That shatters your once loving heart.


You know, there is nothing that can really hurt you that you didn’t really love. You can’t be hurt by something that doesn’t matter to you. And that is so much the root of the troubles in the world. It doesn’t matter if it hurts you, because you love it. That isn’t a problem. It is good that you can put the fact that you love something above the fact that it can be painful- anything worth having is worth sacrificing for. The problem is that it is so easy to mistake sacrificing for something good with allowing and excusing evil for something we’ve grown sentimentally attached to.

The fact of the matter is that people will disappoint you. Even if they put out material that you really like- music, or books, or movies, etc.- they can still be bad people, or they can put out something that you feel is totally contrary to everything they have stood for. Somebody you have loved and trusted for years you might one day catch doing something totally against what you have come to expect from them. Expectations aren’t met. Trusts are broken. Sooner or later you need to learn that nobody is perfect, and people make mistake. You also need to realize that sometimes you will be deceived, and the people you thought you could trust were never worthy of your trust or love in the first place.

It will break you heart to realize, but that doesn’t mean you can pretend it didn’t happen.

How many relationships have you watched over the years and wondered at. Why on earth are these people still dating? He is such a loser. He treats her so poorly. Or, opposite that, she doesn’t deserve him at all! so why does he put up with her? How many of these people have simply grown attached to the other person because they’ve been together for so long? More along the lines of what I was writing about in the poem, how many people do you know who will excuse so many evil things done by those they love or admire, simply because they can’t accept the fact that they could have done something wrong.


(I wasn’t going to go there, but I’ve change my mind.) Speaking of attachments that are totally wrong. 50 Shades of Grey is a sick story. It is all about inordinate love and unhealthy obsessions. In the biggest extreme imaginable. I don’t really care about whatever about it appeals to people. The story and characters are the perfect example of not good. There is no good moral, if any moral at all. What this movie, and the atrocious book before it, promotes is not love. It just isn’t. Don’t you dare say it is.

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