The Wheel Turns

The Dawn of a New Age (Written April 6, 2015)

The wheel turns, each age will pass,
The setting sun will dawn on a new day.
No generation can forever last,
No guest at the party can forever stay.

The reigns must be past to a new set of hands,
Their old holders have been called away.
No one here can forever stand,
We must all concede the new day.

Where once we stood, in our forefathers’ steps,
Now our children will stand in their turn.
And there they will stand and they will not forget
That we’re near, but we cannot return.

It is their duty now, their task,
And we no more can lead.
We must let them take control, at last,
To the dawn we must concede.

Our time is gone and theirs is come,
And we’ll help, if we can, this new day,
But it is not our day, with this dawning sun,
And no guest at the party can forever stay.

And so a new generation dawns,
Eager and scared for their turn,
But the space must be filled, the duties passed on-
A new age comes and the wheel turns.


So. If you are from the right sort of community you’ll know what I mean when I say that there comes a time when you can all of a sudden moment feel that the whole community is on the verge of a shift. A new generation. New blood and new ideas. It’s terrifying. I am, though I feel odd saying it, old blood. I’m a part of the old generation. The old generation was a long lasting one. Maybe a full 12 classes through the school. And now the big movers and shakers of my generation are moving on. We’re all getting married and leaving for college. We’re having kids. Our kids are fighting cancer and learning to tell jokes. We, who used to be the doers of things at every event, who were once the active motivators and changers, are changing positions. We are becoming advisors, observers. It is no longer our place to shape the community. It is our turn to guide it and be the examples, to clear the way so the new generation can come well.

It is surreal, and it is sobering. It is, truth be told, terrifying.


As for the memorial I have been trying to write for Terry Pratchett…well, I’m discovering that I it is very hard. I think at the Clacks code is an amazing tribute, and the Felurian vs Death vs Susan cage match made me cry. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, and are a Terry Pratchett fan, look it up.
GNU Terry Pratchett.

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