An Observation

We’re Not Dead Yet (Written June 8, 2015)

They say the songs we sing the most are songs of misery,
Or songs of love that never comes to folks like you or me.
And so, they say, we’re all just sad-
They say our thoughts are always bad-
But, you know, that isn’t what I see.

I see folks who’re looking for a better world to live in,
And I see folks who’ve made mistakes and want to be forgiven.
Folks who’ll see the brighter side,
Gaze at the sun and never hide,
Who believe, despite it all, they still can win.

I see folks who look for magic everywhere they go,
And I see folks who’s lives are tragic but hate to let it show.
Who cherish every gift they get,
Who haven’t given up just yet,
Who tack the sails to catch the gales whichever way it blows.

Forget sad songs of misery, of doubt and woe and pain,
Forget laments of movie stars showed time and time again,
I see folks who’re fighting still,
Folks with guts and iron will,
Folks who’ve learned to dance despite the pouring rain.


So, looking over my blog’s statistics, I noticed something. My most popular posts are my happy ones, generally speaking. And it got me thinking.
There are so many breakup songs. So many ridiculous love songs. Are we lost? I think so. I think most of us have so thoroughly lost sight of anything meaningful that we don’t even know what to do anymore. So we try every new thing we fancy, just to get rid of it half a week later when we realize it wasn’t what we needed. I think most people are very, very lost.

But, you know, I think most people are also still looking. We haven’t given up. I know people who insist that grown people watching cartoons and reading “kid books” is a mark of how society is perpetuating childhood. But I don’t really agree. I think we’ve gotten so far off track that the only thing we can think to do is try to find the magic we lost when we were little.

We might not be in a good place, but we are still trying to get somewhere better. It’s so very human, so very stubborn, to refuse to give up.


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