Who I Want to Be (Written June 22, 2015)

I ask myself and I ask you,
What is it you want to do?
Who is it you want to be?
What in the mirror do you want to see?

Dedication, devotion, strength and iron will,
A quickness in motion, a quiet when still,
A heart strong enough to be tender and kind,
An easy laugh and a razor sharp mind.

A person undaunted, who’s ready to act,
Who can look work in the face and not react,
Who can face down a challenge with eagerness,
Who will work through the night instead of rest.

I want to be that person you see
And feel inspired to be more than you thought you could be,
I want strength and devotion and unquenchable desire-
I want to be someone who can set the world on fire.


So, anybody know of the group called SHINee? They are a k-pop group. I discovered them when I was looking for videos of dance groups and found this song called Sherlock. In a very short time I became addicted. This group is awesome. But you know what I like best about them?

I have always loved good stage performance because you really need to give it your utmost effort if you want it to look right. If you are a dancer and are only giving partial effort then the audience can tell. I love that. I like SHINee so much, not just because they are awesome dancers and their music is cool, but because it is so obvious that they have been working so hard for it. Because they are so devoted to their work that seeing it well received has inspired tears. You can fake a lot, and a lot of stars end up being very different people than the image their label makes for them. But you can’t fake the level of performance, and you can’t get it by being lazy. You can’t fake the sweat, and you can’t fake those tears. And that is awesome.

I want that type of commitment. I want to be that devoted. I want to be able to inspire in others the desire to work harder, the desire to want to work harder, that SHINee has inspired in me.


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