Let Me Dream

A Night For Dreaming (Written August 10, 2015)

Tonight is a night for dreaming
Not sad sighs, and not for tears.
Tonight is a night for forgetting our sorrows
Tonight is a night for ignoring our fears.

The stars are shining and the crickets chirp.
It’s too dark to see the ugly things
Tonight isn’t a night for things to be real
It’s a night to watch the moon and sing.

The world won’t be any different with the rise of the sun,
The troubles will just be clearer to see,
So now, while it’s dark enough for us to forget
Just for a night, please, let us dream.


Yeah, basically, that’s it. The world isn’t always an easy place to like. You love people who don’t love you back. You have to leave things that you wish you could hold forever. You get hurt and you hurt others. You get scared, and nervous, and angry and sad.

So, sometimes, you need to just close your eyes and ignore the reality you can’t face right now. Sometimes you need to step away and read a book, or sing a song. Sometimes, when you find yourself listing all your problems you have to face, when your having trouble seeing the good in things, just close your eyes. Turn off the lights. Forget all about the bad things for a night. Dawn will come, and all of your problems will come back with it, but just for this night, let yourself dream.


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