A Good Ending

A Good End And A Sad Goodbye (Written September 11, 2015)

I love a good ending
But I hate the goodbye,
Love the applause at the end
But hate the darkened lights.
To see the parts played out so well,
See things end where they belong,
Is like hearing a cord crescendo and descend
Come the closing of a song.
But the softly sounding echo fading at the end,
The empty seats and empty stage,
The tables now vacant where once there were friends,
The blank space at the end of the final page-
I really do love an ending done well,
But I truly do dread the goodbye.
The satisfaction that the ending brings
Leads way to a sorrow and desire to cry,
To an ache for return and a longing sigh-
Oh the good ending and the sad goodbye.


So, I’m thinking of making a picture album farewell thing for my friends when we graduate. It would be a photo album, and I want to put a poem in it and have a line or two of the poem for each picture. I was thinking maybe using this poem. I’m not certain yet. Does that seem like a weird idea?

I really hate goodbyes. I always want the ending to come and to he good, but I hate the part when I realize that they are gone. My little brother and my best friend leave for the seminary in a few weeks…I won’t be seeing them again until Christmas. =/ I hate goodbyes so much.


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