A Fight To Fight

Peaceful War (Written October 2, 2015)

If you want peace then prepare for war
And for anything less be prepared for more
For anything less than the terrors of war
Cries out for monstrosities even more.
For standing still and at ease in a flowing stream,
Having peace in such a world can only mean
To fight the tide aggressively
Rather than let go and hope to be
Brought the peace you wish to have-
To think to find peace in this way is mad.
For, when we say we’ll fight no more,
And let the pull and the tide of the stream rush o’er,
We seek and lose peace as the chaos takes o’er-
If you truly seek peace, prepare for war.


So. I feel like, with the world like it can sometimes be, it is good to remember this: you can’t find peace by refusing to fight. You have to pick your fights, but you can’t pick not to fight at all. You are standing in a flowing stream, and if you don’t fight to stay upright then you will be dragged under. If you don’t fight to move forward you won’t even be able to stay where you are. You’ll be dragged down the river and buried in the mud. We can’t win a fight by pretending it doesn’t exist.


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