Some Things Don’t Change

Familiar Fury (Written September 29, 2015)

This old familiar fury
I’ve felt so oft before,
I wondered when this sick’ning dread
Would rear its head once more.

It’s not as if I seek out friends,
But I sometimes feel obliged-
Like, because I, unfortunate, am human
Am bound to its society derived.

I don’t like this, this social game,
I enjoy my time alone,
I’d rather have a book and a cup of tea
And quiet day at home,

But since I’m bound to social be
I try to try my best
The fury that comes, the fear, the dread,
Is for not fitting with the rest.

I don’t like them- they squabble and whine,
They lie and pretend and hate,
They’re so loud and distracting and uncontemplating-
I prefer my quiet, at any rate.


Well, yeah. Basically, that’s it. I am an introvert. I don’t hate being social, but it wears me down. I get tired and irritable when I have to be around people too much. I dislike having friends who are more than casual friends but aren’t close friends because they think they know me and they think that I really do want to be around them all the time. They don’t understand that, no matter how much I like them or what we are doing together, I enjoy and prefer my time alone. Large crowds don’t bother me- goodness knows there is solitude to be found in a large crowd- but the medium crowd where everybody expects you to ‘fit in’ is something I can’t stand.

Here’s to introvert! I don’t think there is anything wrong with being one. It doesn’t mean you are rude or cynical, and it doesn’t mean you are proud or conceited. It just means you like spending time alone.


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