Be Gracious

It’s Beautiful (Written November 7, 2015)

It’s beautiful, how the leaves fall,
How the sun shines and the birds call,
How good can come from something bad
And love from what once made you mad
And strength from what once made you fall.

You’ll change a life through something small,
Be blessed and never know at all
How much it was you’ve always had-
It’s beautiful.

Remember! Do not be enthralled
By how dissent so strongly calls.
Pain passes, like a trend or fad,
Not so of memories you’ve had.
So count your blessings and recall
It’s beautiful.


So, my brother just got expelled from the school we both go to. It was stupid, largely brought about by malicious rumors that the administration believed because they have never bothered to get to know their students, despite there being fewer than fifty to get to know. Several other students were threatened with expulsion as well. It has been a bad week. My brother just left today.

But you know what?

All you can ever do is your best. And it would do us all good to recall that most of us have been blessed with more than we normally think about. To quote a song I love off of the new Pentatonix album, “Count your blessings every day, it makes the monsters go away. And everything will be OK.” If you remember to be grateful for what you have whenever something bad happens then you will never fear whatever bad thing, whatever monsters, comes your way.


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