It’s Cold Outside

The Silent Cold (Written November 20, 2015)

What is it about the cold
That gives the silence mighty hold?
That makes the world, so full of sound
Of all the lives that are around,
Seem quiet, if for but just a breath,
As if on earth t’was just you left
In a world all the sudden your own,
Where everything seems to call you home.
The world grows closer on a winter day
And slowly seems to go away
Until just you, alone, are left
In freezing air that fogs with breath.
Oh Quiet of the Winter Cold
What mighty power do you hold!


So. It is getting to be cold. I feel like the world gets bigger or smaller, depending on the season. Like, in spring the world is opening up. It is begging to be looked at. The spring it feels like the world is poised for something, inviting you to open the door and begin looking at far horizons. In summer the world is huge and open, full of possibilities. In summer the world is huge and open, an adventure waiting to happen. In fall the world closes us around you. Everything feels like it is right at your fingertips in the fall. And then there is winter. In winter the world seems to have gotten so small it has swallowed you up altogether, until you are the only person left. The loud world is blanketed by snow and the cold closes around us until everything else is closed away and quiet. It is so strange.


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