A Prayer For The New Year

Rekindling The Flame (Written January 1, 2016)

Rewake the furnace ashen cold
Where fire sleeps deep and dying,
Where apathy’s  grip has taken hold,
Where a heart made stone is lying.

This year rekindle the fire there,
Spark the ashes to flame once more,
Blow the billows with strength and righteous care,
Throw open the rusting door.

Grow flames hot enough to forge a blade,
To set fire to a world grown slow with frost,
Hot enough for the strongest of steel to be made
For to return the warmth that is lost.

This year rewake the sleeping fire
And stoke the forges high,
‘Till the flames leap ever and ever higher
And light the darkened sky.


Happy New Years!

So, new year  resolutions, right? This year my resolution is my prayer for the year as well- I pray that this year I will have the strength and desire to set the world in fire. I pray for passion. And dedication. Mostly, I pray for the ability of true love.

How about you? Make a good resolution. Not just the working out, reading new books, making better relationships sort, but the sort that inspire you to become the best you that you can be!


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