A Magic World

Grateful Eyes (Written January 26, 2016)

On a night like tonight I find I recall
That life isn’t really so bad at all.
I have friends by my side and a home that I love
And the stars shining brightly in the sky up above.
I have strenuous work that’s well worth the sweat
I have my dreams I haven’t achieved quite yet
There is tea in my world, and coffee, and books,
And cats and chocolate and reading nooks.
On a night with a moon like the Cheshire cat’s smile,
I find I can find what I haven’t seen in a while:
That there is magic in this world, that I’m blessed more than I know,
That there is something unknown still waiting to show,
That, despite how the world can sometimes be
There is so much beauty and good to see.
So tonight, while the Cheshire Cat smiles down from the sky,
As I part from my friends and say my goodbyes,
Let me look at the world through grateful eyes.


So, we are currently covering Flannery O’Connor in my college literature class. I do not like her. I find her writing to be totally without hope or gratitude. She talks about how she is trying to demonstrate the action of grace in her stories, but if she does she is only demonstrating that she had faith and no hope. God made us a beautiful world to live in. We may have messed up this world in a lot of ways, and a lot of people are messed up even worse, but there is good to be found. There is light in the darkness. The minute you forget that, the minute you stop being thankful for the littlest happiness, that you stop hoping and wondering, you have failed in a big way.

So, for tonight at least, I will be grateful. I have been blessed with a family I love, a home to return to, friends with more faith in me than I have myself. I have had a magical, storybook like childhood, and I appreciated my school for being incredible even while I was there. I have teachers and adults who I can go to whenever I am in trouble or need answers and guidance. I was raised to see magic in every little thing, to find new worlds in the pages of books, and to sing my way through the day. I have been greatly, greatly blessed, and I will choose to be grateful, rather than have no hope.


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