Beyond What I Can See

The Wooded Hill (Written March 13, 2016)

What lies beyond that wooded hill,
Beyond the road’s next bend?
Where goes the brook that babbles by
As on its way it wends?

What walks those roads beyond my sight,
Beyond where I have been?
What things are out there happening
That I have never seen?

What lies beyond the rising sun
Beyond the moon’s next dawn?
And if the stars won’t shine tonight
Where do you they’d have gone?

What answers lie beyond my reach,
Beyond my window sill?
What sights would meet my wandering eyes
Beyond that wooded hill?


So, end of another year. Another goodbye. Another door closed…and a new road is open. And…while I hate goodbyes, a lot, I’m also excited for what lies ahead. I mean, what comes next? What might I see if I go in that direction, or that one? I wanna know. I am looking forward to being able to do what I have been hoping to do- reading and poetry among other things. I’m excited for seeing where the road will take me as I pursue it with eager feet.


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