It Never Ends

Past the End (Written August 27, 2015)

Some stories they are are sweet and short,
And some are brief and sad,
Others are long and languishing,
And still others are so joyfully mad.

Whatever way your story goes,
In whatever ink it is penned,
Remember: the story will continue on
Long past where the book might end.


So, again, I am thinking of how I graduate in about a week. College life, like life in general, is a story. Some of the stories of different people in college are awful, some are amazing, and some are cut just a bit short. But, well, the story continues past the end. Even after that book closes, even after you leave, that story stays with you for a long time- for the rest of your life, even. It is amazing. Even after I have left here- which will be pretty darned hard on me- I will remember and hold this place and these people dear, even after they have long since forgotten me.


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