Happy Birthday

Where Goes The Road (Written June 13, 2016)

No matter how the storm may rage,
No matter how dark the night,
No matter if it’s hard to see, right now,
There is always a guiding light.

So fare forward, ye voyager, boldly go
Through the next door, around the next bend.
You might not know what’s coming next,
But you know where you aim to end.

So good luck to you, on your journey,
May this next stretch treat you well.
May the road rise up before you,
And may you rise, with its every swell.

And wherever that path might take you,
Wherever that road may lead,
I’ll pray that you are well and safe,
And in all your deeds succeed.


Is that a weird thing to write for somebody’s birthday? I’m trying to make a gift for one of my friends, and I like making gifts that suit the person I’m gifting it to. Actually, that’s an understatement, if I don’t think it suits who I am giving it to, I won’t give it. So sometimes cards are easier. Also, I think it means more to make a gift than to buy one (though I also feel kinda full of myself when I gift something I made), and I want this one in particular to mean something. Some people I don’t worry too much about, because I know they get it, even if I were to never get them a thing. But, well, some people I feel wouldn’t get it if I don’t make it pretty clear. You know?

Anywho! I still have nearly a month to finish this, so let me know if it really would be odd on a birthday card.


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