Here And Now

I Remember, Now (Written June 27, 2016)

I remember, now, what I once forgot
As I struggled to be what I really was not:
I am fine, by myself, I enjoy it quite well.
Not that I don’t understand friendship’s spell,
But I feel that the fear aroused in that quest
Came from misdirectedly trying my best.
That friend will come, that someone who’ll care,
They are, goodness knows, out there somewhere.
And whoever it is I am looking for,
Though I hardly suspect they’ll just come knock at my door,
I am sure they’ll show up, in the future near or far,
And I expect I will know them, whoever they are.
Until then I will be content in the life I have come to call my own,
Spending much time in silence, and much time alone,
Happy with doing what is proper to me
And trusting that the rest will fall where it should be.


If you have read my blog much this will be something you have heard before: age quod agis. Do what you do. If I have been upset recently, it is because I have been trying to do more than what I am currently doing. Tomorrow is, indeed, a mystery, and it is determined by today. Do what you can, today, and hope that it brings about the tomorrow you were looking for. Be where (and when) you are!


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