IGOT7, And Making Sense

A Hug From An Ahgase (Written July 13, 2016)

If I could I’d fly to you and keep you safe and sound,
I’d keep away the hurt and pain that want to bring you down.
I’d tell you it will be ok, ’cause we are here for you.
I’d tell you not to worry ’cause I swear we’ll always love you.
So keep your head up, and your eyes on the sky
Where your little IGOT7 so diligently fly.
We are here, and we won’t go, even if others will,
And once this storm has blown on by you’ll find we love you still.


IGOT7(n): a group of baby birds that will protect GOT7 with their little wings although the sky is grey.

It makes me so mad that I can’t actually do anything right now. I can’t go punch stupid people in the face. I can’t make people be reasonable or make sense. I can’t force sensible reactions. And, worst of all, I can’t protect against all the hard times our boys are going through.

So I’m going to do what I can do: write poetry and rage against a cruel world. And I’m going to hope and pray for the best.

If the internet has ever done harm it has been by making it easier for idiots and ill-meaning people to spread awful and mean-spirited attitudes. Lucky for us, it also lets those of us with better intentions to spread good things as well.

Be responsible, and be reasonable, when reacting to what you see on the internet. Try to trust people, a little bit, especially if they are people you claim to support. Don’t react strongly and act on that reaction while you are still emotional. Even if you later take back what you did, the damage is done.

And remember, be forgiving and understanding. It is easy to blow a foreigner’s faux pas out of proportion, and they aren’t likely to really understand why you are so offended. Especially if that faux pas is caused by said foreigner’s only encounter with a term being mostly through music that drops the term as if it had none of the aggressively negative connotations that you might associate with it. Understand that there is a level of ignorance involved, and forgive the faux pas- because that is all it is, a social slip caused by ignorance/misinformation. If you hold that against someone, remember that almost every foreigner could hold a million more faux pas against English speakers. English speakers, however, tend to arrogantly think that everybody else is obliged to know all about our language and its slang. AS IF! DO YOU KNOW KOREAN SLANG OR SLURS? WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT TERMS THEY ARE OFFENDED BY IF THEY WERE TO DROP IT IN THEIR POPULAR MUSIC ALL THE TIME!? Seriously, be reasonable!

And, so far as private parties go, what business is it of yours? If they aren’t publicizing it, leave them be. If someone else publicizes it without their knowledge or permission, disregard it and acknowledge that that means it is most certainly not telling the whole story. Also, last I checked, it isn’t a problem to drink at a private party with permission from your guardian?

I will gladly take up any arguments anybody will make against what I have said. I think the negative reactions to this situation are absolutely absurd. Would an apology for accidentally scandalizing people be wise? Probably. But anything more than that is unbalanced.

Seven hearts for our seven boys.
#IGOT7 #GOT7 #ItsGonnaBeAlright


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