A Little Kindness

A Little Choice (Written August 15, 2016)

Happiness is a little choice,
Helped along by little things.
A casual comment, a heartfelt word-
Sometimes the unnoteworthy is what makes a heart sing.

So thank you, for the little things,
They can mean more than you’ll see.
Thank you for giving me the little push
To make the choice to be happy.


Happiness is, of course, a choice. Whatever is going on in your life, however bad it might seem, you get to choose to be happy. I need to remind myself of that, sometimes. But never underestimate the power of little kindnesses to help someone’s happiness along. Maybe I am just a nutcase experiencing mood swings or something, but sometimes a very simple little comment can be the difference between a dismally dark mood and the hope for something better. It seriously doesn’t even make sense that something so simple can mean so much. But sometimes it is just a simple little kindness at the right time, and that makes all the difference.

Thank you, for all the little things I have received that made that difference, even if I didn’t see it at the time.


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