A Birthday Message

Light in the Dark (Written September 9, 2016)

The world can be dark, and grey, and sad;
Or just weird, and hard to comprehend.
Sometimes it seems easier to simply feel mad
Than to smile on through to the end

But there is color, even in the darkness,
And there is shape in the swirling sea,
And flowers will bloom from the prickling thorns
If you wait long enough for them to be.

So I hope you see magic in a world mundane,
And find hope where others have fear.
May you be blessed to have all that you will require
And to know so, this coming year.


So, is that an odd thing to write for somebody’s birthday? Her birthday is next Sunday. I’m making a card for my friend and this is what I, currently, intended to write in it, along side a gray-scale city with a colorful hot air balloon flying through it. I want the message to be hopeful and encouraging of an optimistic and charitable outlook on life, but I’m worried that I just sound preachy. 



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