Autumn Time

An Autumn Day (Written October 2, 2016)

There is something about an autumn day
That makes it seem like my troubles have gone away.
The world, for a bit, feels a private place
Where, just for a while, I am welcome and safe.

I feel like I’m home when the leaves start to fall,
And the big scary world feels friendly and small,
And I feel like my loved ones from far away
Might suddenly arrive and ask if they might stay.

Autumn is a cozy time, for books and sweaters and tea,
A time that’s made to reflect and learn, rather than explore and find more to see.
I love the smells and colors of this slowly changing trees
And the gentle pull to rest awhile that puts the world at ease.


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” -L.M. Montgomery

I love Autumn. It makes me think of school, and of family. I reminds me of hours spent reading outside the library before walking to my brother’s house for dinner. It brings back memories of years and years of corn mazes explored with my brothers and sisters, and later on with my nieces and nephews. Autumn is the season of home and of learning, of books and warm drinks.

Autumn is the season when, to me at least, magic feels most possible.


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