Something To Say

What Do I Bring? (Written October 6, 2016)

Why do I write? Why do I sing?
What to this world am I hoping to bring?
I know, just a bit, I want to be known,
I want my thoughts and my heart to in some way be shown,
But is that really all that drives me?
Really, is that all that I want to be?

No! That isn’t it all, at all,
My dreams and desire can’t be that small.
What’s the point of others knowing me
If I don’t even know the people to see?
No, while being known by a few is an admirable desire,
I aim to achieve something just a little higher.

I seek to know myself quite well,
So the lessons from my struggles may be stories I can tell.
I don’t want you just to know me and what monsters I might face,
But to know them and learn what you might need to fight to keep your place.
I want to give you the courage and strength to face what comes your way,
And, in the end, a place to return and be safe at the end of a tiring day.

This is why I write, and this is why I sing,
This is what, to this struggling world, I hope that I can bring.


I was just watching this video of a Korean band, Day6, performing this song “Well Done Again My Friend” (Look it up. It is beautiful.)…After talking about how some days are really hard, and how bad things can come all at once, but we have to keep going. That’s just how life is. Then, the song ends with the lyrics,

Well done again my friend, even if no one can tell you how lucky you’ve been, I need you to know: well done again my friend.

I like that. A lot. I guess, in the end, this is what I want to say with my work. This is what I want to tell people. Life can be hard, really hard, but good job fighting onward. I want to encourage people. 

(Yes, I suppose, there is a selfish element- the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else, after all.)

So, if ever I sound down, maybe I’m just waiting to hear someone say this to me…but I want to say it to everyone else, whenever I can.

Well done, again, my friend.


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