Hestia’s Love Song

Where The World Makes Sense (Written October 10, 2016)

I’m chasing a dream like the stars that are you eyes,
And hope to find nostalgia in the depths of your surprise.
‘Cause it’s the sound of your smile that echos in my mind,
And your laugh is that happy song I hope I’ll someday find.

So when tomorrow’s yesterday has left you down and out,
When you know yourself a bit too well to know what you’re about,
Kindly forget and think of me, who loves to love your smile,
And let me remind you all about how amazing you are, for a while.


In case you were curious, I am not (to my knowledge, anyway) currently in love with anybody. Why, then, am I writing a love poem? Well…I don’t really know.

I guess part of it is that I would say this to anybody I love and admire- friends and family are people who deserve love songs, as much as lovers and broken hearts. Honestly, this is something I want to say to a lot of people. Your eyes shine brighter than the stars at night, and your dreams burn such a startling light. I admire you, and what you do, and want to be able to help you, too. So, when the world’s confusing and dim, let me be the door back home that waits to let you in… something like that. You know? There is no greater gift that you can give, sometimes, than a place to rest.

And that’s the other part of it. For all the people I love, I want to be able to make a safe place for them to come back to. I don’t mean those ridiculous”safe places” you hear about in the media. I mean a safe place where there is someone waiting to let you in, no matter how late it is. Where someone is awake, in the darkest hours of the night, ready and eager to listen to you. Where someone will offer you advise and encouragement. A place where you are welcome, when the rest of the world is so hard to be in. A place where someone will remind you that you can be great-that you are great, in your own way. I just finished reading Impyriym by Henry H Neff, and I decided that I want to be someone who can say that I won’t give up on you, 

“Not today. Not tomorrow. Not for all the gold in Impyrium.”

 I want to be a home for the weary. That is who I want to be. This is why Hestia is my favorite Greek goddess.

And, ok, maybe I want a little if a love song like that to be sent my way sometime. *sigh* One day.


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