Moving Forward

My Advice (Written November 10, 2016)

Your world has come to an end, you say?
You don’t know how to face the day?
Tell me your problems and I see what I can do
To make thinks a little easier for you.

Things didn’t go your way now you’re stuck with someone you don’t like
So your emotional state has taken a spike…
But what does that help? Why whine and complain?
It is, by no means, a finished game.

Did you actually have values you wanted spoken for?
If so, why do you expect someone else to go and do your chore?
And, besides, don’t those values include
Peace and love? not the chaos that ensued.

My advice, and I mean this, to those of you upset,
It’s a chapter that has ended- not the book, just yet.
And maybe it is time for a change to stir the air
And remind us all about what things we really ought to care.


So. We have a new president of the United States of America. Thank goodness. I am going to say a few things that I feel like shouldn’t be offensive, simply because they should be common sense. 

A lot of people are very vocally upset that Donald Trump is the new president elect. A lot of celebrities and news outlets are blowing up the internet with how upset they are…and that sort of ticks me off, for a number of reasons.

  • If you wanted a liberal president, then I assume you agree with the message they tout: inclusion. But no, the minute enough people oppose you that you don’t get your way, you riot and wage internet hate wars- sorry, I forgot that it isn’t hate, or racism, or bigotry if the person on the receiving end is white and conservative. My bad.
  • I generally assume good will… meaning that I’m assuming everybody wants what is best for our country. Maybe you think Donald Trump isn’t the one to achieve that. But you know what I know? I know that insiting unrest will definitely not achieve what is best for our country. Especially when the people you are insiting the unrest in are people who have already displayed the fact that they will riot to make their point. If you are someone with the ability to speak and be heard then you had better be being responsible. Maybe you don’t like that your candidate wasn’t picked, but you have to encourage unity. A country half in rebellion gets nothing done, and can damage many things beyond repair.
  • And, besides, a lot of the liberal mantras are things that can only be enacted, really, through people. As in, not through legislation. You want people to be inclusive of the diverse…creeds?…in the modern world. Ok. Why do you think you can legislate that? You aren’t inclusive enough so I’m going to throw you in jail? Yeah, wow, really made your point there about being inclusive- you try to punish anyone who disagrees with you, or otherwise exclude him for not liking you. Real inclusive. No, much like bullying, you can’t legislate a solution. You know what happens when a teacher stands up in front of the class and tells them that one boy has been bullying another and needs to stop? Even if that were true, you just insited a lot of hard times for the kid who was being bullied. Parents can’t fix all their kids problems. They give their kids the tools to help themselves. If you read my last post then you know what I have to say about parents who try and fix all their kids problems for them. It leads to exactly the idiotic mindset that causes people to need “safe spaces” and the ability to skip exams because the election made you sad. If you want to change how people think you need to be working on the people, not the legislation.
  • Finally, and I know this is where I start really pushing buttons, how on earth can anyone defend voting for Hillary Clinton? Maybe you are a Democrat, maybe you are a liberal, but I just can’t see how anybody could vote for that woman in good conscience. Is Donald Trump a pig? Undoubtedly. Unfortunately that is something we have grown all to accustomed to dealing with. Is he a horrific criminal? Not that we’ve seen so far. Do people who disagree with him or in anyway hinder his agenda regularly turn up dead in extremely suspicious circumstances? No (I guess if he’s doing that, too, he at least has the sense to sink them into the river). So maybe you want to vote liberal and democrat. I can’t understand how an upright human being could vote for her. I was actually really happy to see how many liberal Democrats voted third party- that says that they, at least, drew a line in the sand and said they couldn’t vote for someone like that, even if it were the more viable choice. 

In the end, though, it isn’t about the person. It is about the policies. I don’t care if you wanted Hillary Clinton to win because you wanted a female president. The President of the United States of America is a position with far too much power and responsibility to have it decided by a push for gender equality (don’t even get me started). Much like in sports, in politics we must be pragmatic and utilitarian. It isn’t about looks, or backgrounds. It isn’t about their private beliefs, even. It is about what their policies are. 

And, don’t forget, we still have our duties as citizens. We must carry on with life as civilized people. Not rioting, not vandalising public and private property, not starting slur wars on the internet. If an unexpected outcome caught you by surprise then do yourself a favor and go talk (talk, don’t verbally attack) to someone who supported the other side. Ask about their reasons for supporting who they did. And listen. The media has done nobody a service by being as selective as they were, so do your own research. Ask your own questions.

If everyone really wants what is best for this country then we can get over our emotions and work together, even on things we disagree on. So stop encouraging people to be upset and throw fits. It isn’t helping.


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