Building A Foundation

Be Thoughtful (Written November 19, 2016)

Don’t speak so boldly for another’s thoughts-
They aren’t your words to tell.
And if you don’t care for their cause at all,
Speak softly, then, as well.


You know what I think society is suffering from nowadays? A disease called busybody. We don’t think about our own duties. We are all social warriors for somebody else’s cause. Me? No, I would never do something like that myself, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t my job to make sure somebody else can. Recognize that sentiment?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe that, as man is a social creature, we all have a duty to ensure, in what way we are capable, the betterment of society. 

The issue I find is not the talk without action. The issue I find is not the action without consequence. The issue I find is that there is talk without thought, action without thought, and natural consequences left unlearned from because they are earned without thought.

But how can their be thought when any base upon which to think no longer exists?

What use is a law governing social interactions if those under it cannot be bothered to achieve the intellectual checkpoint where you can recognize what society is and what end it serves? If your entire concept of the purpose of reality is that their is no universal purpose, then there is no guide to our actions. In the past, society could at least function without an ultimate goal by agreeing, at least, on natural ends and natural goods. Now? Nope. We deny nature. Nature is whatever we darned well want it to be. The idea of a natural law is scorned. On top of that, those rights formerly acknowledged as basic to man- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness- have become so debased that they no longer have a concrete reality. There isn’t anything objective to base our actions off of, nothing we can agree upon to direct our efforts towards.

What is the point of government if each person is supposed to be the best judge of what is best? It’s like the idea if private interpretation of the Bible. If we all interpret the same words differently then we might as well all be reading different books. We aren’t united by one belief- we are divided by a million ever changing opinions. How can we operate as one nation if we can’t agree on what our nation is? How can we operate as a society if we can’t agree on what we want? 

But is this a question that has been discussed by the world before it tears itself apart? Nope. Everybody is too busy throwing in their two cents on somebody else’s conversation, not bothering to contemplate the implications or consequences of the stance they take, not bothering to educate themselves on the principles guiding the discussion. And make no mistake, the principles matter more than the particular- just like in math. Whatever numbers are in the equation, and however much you know about each factor, you know nothing unless you understand the principles of mathematics. 

IN SUMMARY (ish. More like in conclusion.)

So, long rant short, focus a little more on yourself. Instead of getting up in arms at every news story that tickles your justice complex, educate and train yourself to be able to make good judgements. The world doesn’t change because the person in charge tells it to. The world changes because the people of the world change how they think. And that means the shape of the world is determined by its education. Right now, that education is so ambiguous that the world is running, instead, on emotions- less optimistically, that education is that the world should run on emotions. Hence the volital, unpredictable, irrational behavior of current society. They haven’t been given anything to rely on or build off of. Emotions are sands shifting far too easily to build something for a man to stand on, forget supporting all of society.

Let us agree, once again, that there is objective truth, that actions deserve consequences. Let us endeavor to identify principles and basic truths, and build logically from there.


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