I Choose Hope

Rather The Sunrise (Written December 19, 2016)

There’s something out there waiting for me,
Somewhere out there there has to be.
But, you know, I’m sick of this waiting around,
Of the sighs and goodbyes that seem to abound.
As a lost soul who now is wandering the night
Remembering only the setting sun’s light,
I try to think rather of seeing my next dawn
And that unexplored world it will shine its light upon.
Today wasn’t good, and this night has brought no rest,
And I’m done with the drama and the pain of that past sunset.
When life begins to make me hang a sad and weary head
I’ll try, this time, to look to the dawning sun, instead.
Rather than remember I’ll choose this time to dream
To learn from the past then forget how dark it seems.
The sunset was an end, and it was no surprise,
Now I’ll rise from the dark to watch that next sunrise.


You know, when it comes down to it, I choose to dream. I choose to believe that anything is possible, and stories might just be real. I choose to believe that words are more than powerful, they are magical. And this is why I love the night. 

But I also choose to hope. I choose to believe that tomorrow can be better than today. I choose to anticipate the sun rising gloriously on a new world, despite the darkness of the night, despite the sorrow of the sunset. 

If you ever get the opportunity, rather than watching another setting sun, try waking up early to catch the sunrise. It might just make all the difference.


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