Two Ways of Seeing

Look Up (Written January 16, 2017)

Talk and talk and talk some more,
Do you recall what we’re talking for?
Mother always told me, I recall,
Say something nice or nothing at all.
I think it’s nice to tell you where your wrong
When there’s some chance it might get you to where you belong.
But to complain? And deride? with no hope of improvement
Can only ever be a downward movement.
So, if you think a situation is bad
But no improvement or better situation can be had,
Try to encourage those there to look for good on their own
And good, make no mistake, can always be shown.
If you’ll open your eyes and look for good instead
You might be amazed at what thoughts fill up your head.


I come from a family of educators. My grandparents started multiple schools, and most of my family teaches or is working on getting qualified to do so. And you know what? Teachers (basically all those who actually care about teaching their students and their students taking an interest in what they learn, anyway) go on a lot about how we need to inspire kids, get them to wonder, etc., etc.. And that strikes me as no duh. 


You know what ruins a sense of wonder? You know what kills any inspiration a kid might have? Complaining. Constant freaking complaining. It serves no purpose, but it causes so much damage. If you want to teach kids you need to provide as good an environment for learning as you can, right? Nothing is going to destroy a good learning environment than a bad attitude from teachers or parents. I’m not advocating false optimism, but I am saying that you can only ever find the good you chose to look for… And students, just like very small children and animals, can feel it when a teacher is disatisfied, especially if that disatisfaction is aimed at another teacher. If you only ever point out the bad then that is all you will ever be able to see.

If you cannot change the situation in any real way, then you just might need to change your attitude. Not to agree with the bad situation, but to acknowledge it for what it is and set about looking for what good can be salvaged. If you can’t make your attitude better, in those situations, then you are just losing out on any good that you could have had- as well we destroying other people’s ability to find that good for themselves.

A bad attitude is poison. Remember that.


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