March Forth

The Road Forward (February 24, 2017)

Where are you going? What do you desire?
Do seek just the mundane, or quest for something higher?
What road is it you seek to walk, what path, what destination?
Does hard work make you weary and sad, or fill you with grand elation?

These are the questions I ask myself, each night when I’m in bed,
These are the thoughts that plague me, that fill my too full head.
The way ahead is shaded by cloud of uncertainty
And all I can do is step forward again and see what I might see.


So many questions, so many possibilities. Where will tomorrow take me? Where will I take me tomorrow? I don’t know. But the only way to see where the road goes us to walk it, the only way to get an answer is to ask. Seek, and you shall find, I deed.


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