Casually Kind, and Casually Cruel

Forget You (Written March 10, 2017)

Yeah, it’s true that there is always someone there,
But it’s also true that they basically never care,
Not really, not about me, anyway.
So you know what I’ve come to want to say?
Forget them anyway!

I’m done being the convenient one, the one who’s always there,
The one you can cry to, who gives advice that’s fair,
Without you ever having to feel like you aught to repay-
Well you know what I have to say?
Forget you anyway!

Who cares for those who won’t ever care for you?
Why should I continue to hope you’ll do what you’ll never do?
I’m easy for you, when you are in dismay,
And for you I have something new to say:
Forget you anyway!

Forget you, who’s never cared for me.
Forget you, who just wanted that window with a light you were sure to see.
Forget you, who finds it so easy to forget about me.
Forget you, and who knows what I might see?

I’ve been so convenient for you, but I’m done, I don’t wanna play.
Come back when you care,
When you feel like playing fair,
For now, I’ll forget you anyway.


If it wasn’t obvious from the poem, I am fed up. Forgive me for saying so but: screw you. Not you. Not the reader. No, I mean all the horrible jerks who use people as the please, as they are convenient. The people who really need to fly a kite off a cliff. It isn’t even always intentional. Those nice people who are cool to run into and talk to? The ones who are always coming to you when they have relationship troubles or need someone to cover for them? Yeah, them. They, frankly, suck. Yeah, some of those people are your friends and are just relying on their friend. Nothing wrong with that. Why? Because friendship goes both ways. You could rely and that friend to do the same for you. But the ones who suck wouldn’t do the same for you. They come to you for help, sure. They go on about how you are such a good friend to them. And then, drama handled, they go to hang out with their real friends. Do they care how you are doing? No. Not really. You are a reliable person, so why would they need to be checking up on you? Those people suck, and I am done with it. 

I am done being the convenient “friend” who you can always rely on to fix whatever problems you are having, and who you never have to worry about taking care of like you do your actual friends. Forget you, you casually kind and casually cruel jerk. I don’t have the energy to waste on you. Be honest if you just want my help. I’m nice. I’ll help. But stop pretending like we are friends, because we just aren’t. Stop acting like you care when you just don’t. Treat me like a total stranger. Treat me like an enemy. Just stop pretending we are friends just so you can use me. 

I don’t exist to make you feel better about your life. I am a person too, and I am done being convenient for you. Until you feel like worrying about me, like caring for me, like you expect me to do for you?

Until then, fly that pretty little kite of yours off a freaking cliff. Forget you anyway!


Coincidentally, Paint You Wings by All Time Low started playing while I was writing this, and it is pretty perfect for this post. Go look it up.

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