Thank You, Firefly

A Magical World Away (Written June 17, 2017)

It was, for me, a dark and cloudy night
When I lifted my eyes to a playful light.
To save me, it seemed, from my painful day
The stars had come down for a while to play.

Dance with me, stars, to the music of the night,
Dance with me amid the fairy light,
And carry me off, from the harshness of the day
To another magical world away.


Fireflies are a special sort of magical, to me. We don’t have fireflies, really, in Colorado. Seeing the lawn in front of the college lit up by hundreds of fireflies was one of those moments in my life when I really, truly, marveled at how beautiful the world is. I’m here, again, at this building that is so sad to be around when nobody but the ghosts of my memories are walking​the halls. And, again, I look to the front lawn and see hundreds of fireflies lighting up the dark and cloudy night, as if the stars decided to come dance on the lawn since the sky was too cloudy for them to show. It is a magical scene, and it reminds me that there is light, even in the darkness; beauty, even in the horror, if we will just bother to look for it.

Thank you, firefly, for reminding me of the magic.


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