How Time Flies

The Lonely Hours (Written June 17, 2017)

Hour by hour it turns into days,
And those days pass so quickly I am amazed.
Those days turn to weeks, and the months disappear,
And then, all the sudden, those hours are years.
And I still think back, every now and again,
On those hours I spent once upon a time with my friends
In that place that I loved, long since disappeared,
Gone like those hours that grew into years.


I’m back in the town I went to college, and so are many of my old classmates. I was walking down the main street and ran into a group of everybody, talking about things that happened back in our first year…and it occurred to me: it’s already been three years since then. Time really does fly, sometimes. But, then, it also sometimes disappears altogether. When we are all together, talking like we used to, it feels like a day hasn’t passed. Even when you look around, and when you realize that the bridge we used to cross to get to the bonfires is gone, on they took down that swing I would sit and read in at the library, and that lamp I used to take pictures of fell down, and the whole place has long since moved on from when we were here…even then, when we are back here together, it feels like nothing has changed, and no time has passed.

Time flies, indeed, but it also sometimes bends. Thank God for that, and for the time spent with friends.


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